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Cattlemen’s Heritage, a Des Moines, Iowa corporation with its roots in livestock production and construction, announced plans on June 25 to construct a $325-million, 1,500-head-per-day beef-processing facility in Mills County, Iowa that will employ up to 750 workers and have an estimated annual economic impact of $1.1 billion.

“Cattlemen’s Heritage will fill a critical gap between the conglomerates and the outdated, under-sized lockers and plants that aren’t equipped to meet the needs of consumers, producers or retailers,” said project developer Chad Tentinger, founder and owner of TenCorp. Inc., a cattle industry construction firm with offices in Des Moines and Marcus, Iowa. “Cattle producers and retailers have recognized for quite some time that as more cattle production has moved north to the Upper Midwest that we need the processing capacity to match it. The Cattlemen’s Heritage facility will go a long way to resolving that ongoing challenge and delivering more quality beef from family farms to consumers.”

The facility, which will be fronted by Interstate 29 and situated at the Pottawattamie-Mills County line, will have an average annual wage of $55,000 plus benefits, he said. Cattlemen’s Heritage intends to break ground in spring 2022 and open the facility in late 2023.

Meet The Team


Chad Tentinger

Principal Developer

Email: chad@cattlemensheritage.com
Office: 515-805-5212
Mobile: 712-229-5303

Chad Tentinger fully understands cattle feeding and value-added agri-business. He grew up in both. A fourth-generation cattle feeder from Cherokee County, Chad has built a large cattle feeding operation in northwest Iowa from the ground up through a network of partnerships and long-lasting business relationships.

Chad’s vision for Cattlemen’s Heritage Beef Company is to ensure quality food for the consumer, protect and respect the producer, and assure consistent profitability to shareholders. How? It starts with relationships with the ranchers. When the producer owns shackle space, he has a long-term stake in the business. High tech verification ensures quality beef from the upper Midwest for consumers around the world. This unique marriage of old-school regard and high-tech production all but guarantees profitability because every part of the supply chain is prioritized.

In 2007, Tentinger combined his passion for the cattle industry and the construction trade. He founded TenCorp, Inc., new-to-market barns built to maximize air flow, increase animal comfort, and provide an efficient means to feed the cattle. Today, TenCorp barns dot the Midwest. TenCorp is widely recognized as the builder of premier cattle facilities in the Midwest. New barn orders remain consistent as producers agree with the TenCorp Mission to revolutionize the way we feed cattle.

Chad Tentinger is helping cattlemen and the rural communities where they live and work. He personally knows the suppliers. He understands the terrain. He has a history of successful business ventures. Cattlemen’s Heritage, as a mid-sized production facility, sized for profitability, will focus on giving the producer a fair shake and supplying shareholders with a fair profit.


Bill Rubis

Vice President

Email: bill@cattlemensheritage.com
Office: 515-805-5212
Mobile: 515-418-1822

Bill Rubis is equally comfortable in executive boardrooms or the cattle feed lot. People rely on Bill to make things happen and get things done.

He leverages 30+ years of executive leadership in helping lead Cattlemen’s Heritage Beef Company. As Vice President, he is responsible for driving corporate strategy, leading sales and business development, and creating a culture of best practices. He will manage people and products. His portfolio is vast.

Bill has a history of guiding companies through the import-export arena. He has more than a decade of sales experience in the cattle production industry. His knowledge of supply chain management dates to the 1990s. All along the way, Bill has helped businesses increase profits and productivity while reducing expenses.


Don Vaske

Executive Director, New Business Development

Email: don@cattlemensheritage.com
Office: 515-805-5212
Mobile: 515-210-2545

For nearly 30 years, Don Vaske has been a commercial real estate appraiser and consultant, concentrating in valuation and consulting on large manufacturing, agribusiness, and food processing properties in Iowa and across the Midwest. He is a Designated Member of the Appraisal Institute, MAI.

The MAI Designation has long been recognized by courts of law, government agencies, financial institutions, and investors as a mark of excellence in the field of real estate valuation and analysis. He is a Certified General Real Property Appraiser in the State of Iowa.

Don was involved with the initial research and analysis in determining the most effective size facility to be a capacity of 1,500 cattle per day.

Don was responsible for properly locating and selecting a site with locational attributes adequate to meet the needs of the plant’s operations.

The site selected in western Iowa, near Council Bluffs, where Cattlemen’s Heritage Beef Company will operate, was chosen as the absolute best location after careful considerations were given to the site’s access to public infrastructure, logistic considerations, along with available workforce, among numerous other factors.


Kristin Tentinger

Community Liaison & Operations Manager

Email: kristin@cattlemensheritage.com
Office: 515-805-5212
Mobile: 712-229-1221

As Community liaison/operations manager, Kristin Tentinger is a face of Cattlemen’s Heritage Beef Company. A fittng role for the fifth-generation cattle producer and Iowa farmer.

She grew up understanding how hard-working men and women feed the world with the highest quality beef. Kristin will support the goals of the organization by planning and directing a wide range of strategic projects. Importantly, she will attend meetings and events on behalf of the CEO and company. She is responsible for brand management.

Kristin will be the bridge between Cattlemen’s Heritage and its many partners in the agricultural and the business communities, including government leaders, suppliers, vendors, trade groups, and more. In representing the organization, the success of producers is always top of her mind. She will be visible at trade conferences and is part of the company’s speaker bureau.


Harry Coin

Financial Consultant

Email: harry@cattlemensheritage.com
Office: 515-805-5212
Mobile: 309-781-0595

Colleagues and clients say that when Harry gives you a proposal, he has already figured everything out. He sweats the details behind the scenes. The bigger the challenge, the better the fit.

Harry is an entrepreneurial financier who has participated in more than $3 billion in transactions including mixed use property, hotels, and principal business operations. He began his career learning the intricacies of various sectors of banking. From retail to building out business platforms from scratch, Harry established three mortgage companies, two trust operations, and one very successful bank. Under his leadership, Harry turned two small bank branches into a 16-branch, $800 million holding company.

Cattlemen’s Heritage recruited Harry to secure all phases of the capital stack from traditional debt to private equity. He encapsulates the complex financing and closes the deal.

In the broadest of terms, Harry Coin is an investment banker and financial engineer whose most significant strength is financial problem solving.


Eric Woolson

Communications Associate

Email: eric@cattlemensheritage.com
Office: 515-805-5212
Mobile: 515-681-3967

Eric Woolson has been a leader in Iowa journalism, politics, and public relations for more than 40 years. He has earned a reputation for honesty, hard work and goodwill among the clients he serves and the media professionals with whom he regularly interacts. He is a veteran of six presidential campaigns, and numerous local, state, and federal political campaigns. He was also a communications director for the longest-serving governor in U.S. history, Terry Branstad. Woolson has been recognized as one of Iowa’s Top Ten Political Operatives by the National Journal, one of the Top Ten Iowa Political Strategists by Campaigns & Elections magazine, and one of the Top Iowa Political Influencers by Politico.com.

He founded The Concept Works in 2002 to deliver quality, integrated services in the realms of public, media and government relations, public policy, and crisis communication.

He holds an associate of applied science degree in agribusiness at Des Moines Area Community College.


Ben Hildebrandt

Communications Associate

Email: ben@cattlemensheritage.com
Office: 515-805-5212
Mobile: 309-971-9246

With three decades of executive-level strategic communications experience, Ben brings to Cattlemen’s Heritage a unique combination of brand-ing, sales and marketing, media and community relations, and government relations knowledge.

After cutting his teeth in newsrooms across Iowa, he turned to helping businesses craft and deliver memorable messages. He spent much of his career at statewide trade associations and large civic organizations. Ben will help Cattlemen’s Heritage in messaging to its many constituencies — shareholders, governments, state and federal regulators, the media, and the general public.