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Beef producers face significant challenges today – volatile pricing, a reduced share of the retail dollar, lack of favorable access to processing capacity and more. With the Cattlemen’s Heritage Shackle Space Program, you get the marketing scale of a beef operation with 450,000 head by investing $250* per shackle. Along with a $50 premium per head delivered.

Pricing model

A less volatile model based on the Box Beef Cutout Price. Not the CME.


A timely cattle delivery schedule, eliminating costly post-sale feed expense and inefficient high cost of gain.

Reserve space at signing of agreement


Per Shackle

Within 30 days of construction loan closing


Per Shackle

Total Shackle Space Investment


Per Shackle

$50 payout on every delivery

$500 Return Per Shackle

$500 Total 10 yr. program return

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