Cattlemen’s Heritage Beef Company™, a
Des Moines, Iowa, corporation with its roots in livestock production and barn construction, will build a $520 million beef processing facility situated in Mills County Iowa.

The Plant will be:

  • First fully sustainable.
  • “Pasture to display case” traceability processing.
  • Family farm raised and sourced.
  • High quality midwest beef.

The facility will bring to the Midwest:

  • 800 competitive pay jobs with average annual pay of $55k with benefits.
  • $1.1 billion yearly, in positive economic impact.
  • 2,000 head-per-day processing capacity.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2025.

“Cattlemen’s Heritage will fill a critical gap in the beef supply deficit and help meet the expanding demand of consumers, producers and retailers. Cattle producers and retailers have recognized for quite some time that as more cattle production has moved north to the upper Midwest that we need the processing capacity to match it. The Cattlemen’s Heritage facility will go a long way to resolving that ongoing challenge and delivering more quality beef from Midwest family farms to consumers.”

– Principal Developer Chad Tentinger – Cattlemen’s Heritage