Why Cattlemen's Heritage

The Cattlemen’s Heritage Beef Company™ project will lead the Midwest, our nation and the world into the future of beef processing. The state-of-the-art beef processing plant will process 2,000 head of cattle a day. The 132-acre site is in Mills County, Iowa, approximately six miles southeast from the center of the Omaha/Council Bluffs metro area.


What are the benefits to producers and the industry as a whole?


A priority for Cattlemen’s Heritage is to support small and medium producers – the families that truly live the life. We do this by:

  • Locally sourcing cattle within a 200-mile radius in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota and Missouri.
  • Utilizing a Box Beef cut-out grid versus having producers be reliant on the CME.
  • Operating as family-centric, including our Timely Delivery Agreement.
  • Providing the family farm with an alternative market model that is more favorable than the current option.


A business model designed around stability and market longevity that:

  • Addresses our nation’s beef processing deficit and inefficiencies.
  • Answers our Nation’s call for more beef production to ensure food security.
  • Mirrors the unilateral need and support for progressive, mid-sized production facilities.


As one of the most advanced processing facilities on the planet, Cattlemen’s Heritage has developed an exceptionally efficient and ergonomic work place, including:

  • Advanced robotics that improves efficiency and creates higher yields.
  • State-of-the-art systems, design and engineering creating increased labor safety, satisfaction and safety.
    • Advanced industry proven robotics
    • Employee attraction and retention
    • Increased safety
  • Industry leading-edge COVID-resistant design.
  • Progressive animal welfare protocols.


Cattlemen’s Heritage will be North America’s first carbon neutral processing plant. We’ll do this with:

  • Wind-powered energy.
  • Advanced sustainable water treatment technology.
  • Ecologically sustainable downstream/up-stream supply chain practices.


Our unprecedented use of data collection technology tracks livestock from birth, through processing to the “display case”, which allows for:

  • Rancher/Producer data capture.
  • Continuous herd improvement.
  • Development of proprietary brand and marketing messaging.
  • Efficacy data for feed and animal health companies.
  • Expanded revenue opportunities via foreign market eligible beef sales.
  • Quantifiable claims. e.g. “100% Guaranteed U.S. Grown Beef”.


Beyond the progressive processing industry business model, the facility will also be providing a boost to the local economy by:

  • Employing 800 people with a competitive average salary of $55k.
  • Creating 3,400 indirect, permanent regional jobs.
  • Providing on-site services like childcare, banking and healthcare.
  • A $1.1B yearly economic impact.