Meet our Principal Developer, Chad Tentinger. A fourth-generation cattle producer dedicated to leveling the playing field for small and mid-sized cattle producers in Iowa and the Midwest.


Chad Tentinger fully understands cattle feeding and value-added agribusiness. He grew up in both. A fourth-generation cattle feeder from Cherokee County, Chad has built a large cattle feeding operation in northwest Iowa from the ground up through a network of partnerships and long-lasting business relationships.

Chad’s vision for Cattlemen’s Heritage Beef Company™ is to ensure quality food for the consumer, protect and respect for the producer, and assure consistent profitability to shareholders. How? It starts with relationships with the ranchers. When the producer owns shackle space, he has a long-term stake in the business. High-tech verification ensures quality beef from the upper Midwest for consumers around the world. This unique marriage of old school regard and high-tech production all but guarantees profitability because every part of the supply chain is prioritized.

In 2007, Tentinger combined his passion for the cattle industry and the construction trade. He founded TenCorp, Inc., new-to-market barns built to maximize air flow, increase animal comfort and provide an efficient means to feed the cattle. Today, TenCorp barns dot the Midwest. TenCorp is widely recognized as the builder of premier cattle facilities in the Midwest. New barn orders remain consistent as producers agree with the TenCorp mission to revolutionize the way we feed cattle.

Chad Tentinger is helping cattlemen and the rural communities where they live and work. He personally knows the suppliers. He understands the terrain. He has a history of successful business ventures. Cattlemen’s Heritage, as a mid-sized production facility, sized for profitability, will focus on giving the producer a fair shake and supplying shareholders with a fair profit.